Month: January 2008

Fire up the eggplant

Fire up the eggplant and feast on this Middle Eastern stew.  A food loving gentleman introduced me to this modest dish and although it’s fantastic as is, he also recommends adding a little cubed lamb or beef to embellish for a special meal.  I’ve made it with all of the variations.  Excellent!    Hazi’s Stew 6 …

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Middle Eastern Tasting

Aromas of Middle Eastern cooking filled the Cookery last night.  I’m still cleaning up this morning (no paper or plastic) and returning the china and glassware (for our 15 tasters) to my storage shelves. Others have teased me for years about my aversion to paper plates.  To accommodate the size of our group, I used a combination …

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Carrot Cranberry Salad

After the kids peeled the carrots over the sink, Cookery Dad had to step in to fix the sink drain.  It seems as if a couple of enormous carrots accidentally slipped out of the hands of my helpers.  But the bulk of the carrots survived.  Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite carrot salads.  6 medium …

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Kids and carrots

Under close supervision, kids can learn a lot about food and nutrition in the cookery.  My kids love to help prepare carrots.  I’m not sure how we’ll use these carrots today, but I’ll share the end result here tomorrow.

Carrot soup=dinner

The temperature’s hovering right around 18 degrees F.  Hot coffee is the choice beverage.  Carrot soup’s on the menu, too.   Soup + bread + cheese=dinner.  We’re warming up around this cookery!