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“Food beyond compare, food beyond . . .

March 17, 2008

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Belief.”  And we know not what goes in the mincer of the innkeeper, Thénardier, in Les Misérables.  The innkeeper cooked the goose in more ways than one.  From Victor Hugo’s masterpiece came the musical Les Misérables, performed this past weekend by local high school students.  We checked out our next-door neighbor’s performance.  Great job, fair bishop!  On my bookshelf, an English translation of this piece of literature which was begun in 1845 and completed when Hugo was living in exile.   Victor Hugo, 1802-1885.     



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  • March 25, 2008 by Ginny


    Cindy says “It’s about time she gets to see your work!” When she gets home she will attack the computer, check out the blog and follow-up on your progress.

  • March 25, 2008 by cookerycontent


    The door is always open.

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