The last bite

Today’s the day.  We’re packing up.  For a moment, I wished my refrigerator looked like the fridge of my past . . .  a 1/2 gallon of lowfat milk, yogurt, baby greens, a block of fresh parm, a chilled bottle of white wine.  Those were the single days.  Cleaning out the refrigerator when vacating an apartment took little time.  The […]

Cutting the fat in the Hudson Valley

The pantry sits nearly empty and little remains in my refrigerator. With very little food to relish around the cookery, we’ve been eating out the last few evenings. Dining out a couple of nights ago, one among us ordered a 14 ounce rib eye at a Hudson Valley restaurant. Once the fat was cut away, about six ounces […]

What’s left?

What’s left?  That’s a loaded question, you’re so right.  But what I meant was . . . what’s left in the cookery?  Not much at all. It does pose a challenge to stay healthy and nourished when there’s little around the cookery. But we’re running down the supplies as we prepare for the relocation. Ten days and counting.  This […]

What’s right with white? – painting the new cookery

I treasure a friend across the big pond who loves white walls – crisp, clean and adorned with windows.  She spends as much time out of the kitchen as possible but the wall color has nothing to do with her aversion to the cookery. Her style works well with white. I like white walls–not to be confused […]

Scoop this . . . picnic dip

Guests in most sizes, shapes and ages love this easy party picnic dip.  It held up well last night at an outdoor fest.  The best part:  prep time is only 15 minutes.  Here’s what you’ll need: 12-16 ounces refried beans 1 cup mild salsa 1 avocado, diced 1 sweet red pepper, chopped 3 scallions, finely chopped 16 […]

Confessional Coconut Cookie Bars

Confession . . .  the kids and I are bumping it up a couple of octaves in the cookery today. An ingredient in the cookie bars we’re going to deliver to some hungry teenagers this evening:  one full dose of vocals from Freddie Mercury. How’s that for a secret element in the mixture?   Coconut […]

What’s left on the cookery shelves?

As this cookery prepares for a relocation, we’re running down the pantry shelves, freezer staples and refrigerator stock.  Today’s breakfast?  Scrambled egg wraps fattened up with shredded parm, a bit of a splurge for a frugal take on using whatever’s left on the shelf.  It may not be the season, but this evening I’m finishing off my carrots and potatoes […]