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Scouting the Father-Son cake bake trail

January 26, 2009

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Father and sons pondered the Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake ideas again this weekend.

“What’s that icing called again? The kind that we had on our wedding cake,” my husband asked.

He was, of course, thinking of fondant, a smooth sugary confection that you can roll and mold right onto your cake. Well, that’s quite an option, I thought to myself. Is there a budget for the Father-Son Cake Bake? The guidelines we’ve received don’t stipulate anything on cost.  Now, this Cub Scout dad can handle the campout breakfast burritos with flair, but finessing fondant is another matter.

Just when the subject of fondant popped up around our table, one of our cubs attended a birthday party yesterday. The hostess hired a personal friend who operates a fabulous bake shop in Texas to bake this party cake . . . a giraffe covered in fondant. Greg said the pastry chef was impressed that he knew what fondant was. She makes her own fondant, of course, as she described to Greg. But there’s an easier way.

So friends, if you’re in Austin, you can pick up your fondant at All In One Bake Shop.  Or you can visit online to learn more about fondant.

Wolf Cub wants to include chocolate chips in his cake batter and is leaning toward a layer cake. Bear Cub likes the Pinewood Derby cake design. I’m guessing they’ll be coming up with a good list of ideas in the coming weeks.



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