Eat your pasta

This dish may look like pasta, but it smells like pastry. Look again. This bowl of cake took honors in the Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake “wackiest” category. Pasta Dad works in the restaurant business, and it appears as if he gathered a little inspiration at the office. Please pass the pasta!

Icing on the cake marks true secret of Father-Son Cake Bake

The Father-Son Cake Bake Team wiped down the counters and swept up the sugar just in time to enter their cakes in the Pack 61 Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake. Designed as a fundraiser, this year’s cakes were judged by two gracious Whole Foods cake decorators who didn’t actually taste the cakes, but judged them on their appearance, […]

Kicked out of the cookery

Have you ever been kicked out of your own kitchen/garage/office? I’ve just received the boot right out of the cookery. It’s temporary, so I’ll skip the manicure. The much anticipated Father-Son Cake Bake has arrived. This is a baking/bonding project for Cub Scouts and Dads. Cake testing is underway with the big event for Pack 61 […]

You’ve got mail-surprise on the doorstep

Want to surprise a friend? Why wait for a birthday? The Cookery loves the new skewers that arrived on our door step yesterday. Selected at the market in Morocco by Middle Eastern explorer Ms. Carrie, the skewers have found a welcome home. Beautiful! Kebabs anyone?

Off the menu at SXSW . . . food or the respect of food?

Resting off the menu of Austin’s SXSW Monday evening  . . . the table, food, drink. Whole Foods Market and Go Texan hosted the Austin360 Food & Wine Blogger Bash at WFM Culinary Center. With local chefs Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due, and Tyson Cole of Uchi positioned as heads at this table, they elevated the food platform and […]

Food allergies-don’t try this at home

Caring for a child/loved one with food allergies? Please keep the lines of communication open with your child’s allergist. Food allergy testing should be administered only under controlled conditions. ABC News/Good Morning America shares a glimmer of hope in a story of tolerance testing for peanuts. Though it’s promising that some day we may be able to put […]

Second-hand cookbooks measure up

Second-hand cookbooks Second-hand cookbooks measure up if you give them a chance. The Cookery extends a grateful thanks across Austin to a book treasure hunter, our friend Jane, for the latest acquisition for our collection. Middle Eastern, vegetarian, French or light and easy, we’ve learned not to snub our noses at used cookbooks. Looking to pick up a […]

This one’s for the birds

Take life outside with this recipe for the birds. We’re trying to attract hummingbirds with hummingbird friendly plants and a fresh batch of nectar. Here’s a simple syrup recipe from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hummingbird Roundup: syrup recipe

Bakers Ready

Feeding the masses? Preheating required. We received these bakers washed and wrapped to help prepare a meal for a large group. We fired up The Cookery’s oven for this hot potato project. 25 potatoes. 350 degrees. 90 minutes. Done.