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Off the menu at SXSW . . . food or the respect of food?

March 17, 2009

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Resting off the menu of Austin’s SXSW Monday evening  . . . the table, food, drink. Whole Foods Market and Go Texan hosted the Austin360 Food & Wine Blogger Bash at WFM Culinary Center. With local chefs Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due, and Tyson Cole of Uchi positioned as heads at this table, they elevated the food platform and its place of honor. Griffiths and Cole, respectively, diced up food demonstrations with reverence. Griffiths artfully prepared herb stuffed flounder. Cole dished out love and respect with his take on fresh water trout and the value of rice – down to the last grain. When the people preparing your meal pay this kind of homage in the kitchen,  fine taste prevails.



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