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Tossing the carrots: caught red-handed

May 13, 2009

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Spot-checking in the lunch room wasn’t on my agenda, but when I stopped by the school cafeteria to drop something off to one of my kids, I caught him red-handed:  tossing his carrots in the trash. The boy who loves veggies, always reaches for the broccoli and even likes eggplant? With a closer look, I noticed that my son’s carrots weren’t alone on the way to the trash bin. It was filling up with plenty of food. Now may be the time for a review with the kids . . . they know what we’ve taught them, but even the “big” elementary school kids, who are in a hurry to race off to recess, may need a refresh about what’s good. I’m not beating myself (or the kids) up about this, but the experience prompted me to review Lunch Lessons – Changing the Way We Feed Our Children, by Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes. This book is a quick read offering gentle suggestions and reminders–like “Ten Tips for Success”–about things most of us already practice. When we send children off to school with a lunch box packed with healthy food, there’s no guarantee that the kids will eat it. Does this appear to be an opportune time to share a conversation about healthy choices? We’re talking about lunch lessons over dinner tonight.



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