Month: June 2009

Surviving on tomatoes

Thanks, Miss E., for sharing the fruits of your garden. We finished off this beautiful garden tomato, but before I sliced it, I thought of a friend who really struggles to eat tomatoes these days. She’s grateful for this fleshy, juicy fruit, but for a long time, she ate nothing but tomatoes. On her family’s rooftop …

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That’s lunch?

I’ve spent the past week almost entirely outside (before the extreme Austin heat arrives) and away from the Cookery (not braggin’–just sayin’). Aside from steaming vegetables and slicing watermelon, the Cookery’s been quiet. In keeping with our light mission for June, here’s a crunchy option. We tried the spinach & artichoke hummus from Out to Lunch …

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Siding with Goldilocks

Serve it hot, chilled, or just right, but we sided with Goldilocks and finished the last drop of this bowl at room temperature. Nathalie Dupree inspired this version of roasted red bell pepper soup in her Matters of Taste cookbook. I’ve grown to love several of Nathalie’s later recipes from her Comfortable Entertaining cookbook, and when I came across Matters …

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Freshen up and check the numbers

The Cookery’s going lean in June. We’re keeping the budget and calorie count under control while fresh produce selections hit their peaks this season. I dropped 48 cents for these budget friendly green beans (five servings) at H-E-B.