Month: July 2009

Topanga Tart

Topanga Tart Gather your favorite fresh fruit and turn it into a tart for a perfect imperfect summer dessert. This Cookery’s been on-again-off-again during summer travels, but I folded this tart together while we were away in California. When you can make yourself at home in someone’s home, that’s a pleasure. And when you’re welcome …

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Love Your Veggies

With kids in the kitchen, there’s always room for more veggies. The kids in this cookery have test-driven the Love Your Veggies online game and they’ve awarded it a 20-carrot top rating. Veggie lovers can grow their own food, harvest the vegetables, make deliveries, and serve a grand selection of virtual veggies. Grow your own with Love …

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Pick of the produce

This Chinese eggplant may catch your eye in the produce section. It caught mine, and at $2.49 per pound (this week at H-E-B), try it grilled and folded in a tortilla. Spritz sliced eggplant with water, then drizzle slices with extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to your liking and grill, turning once for golden brown …

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Drop this in your shopping cart

Need a gift idea? Recycle this one from one of Austin’s earth-friendly peacemakers. This colorful bag cheers Central Texas with its bright floral design. I don’t know if these bags are still on the market, but H-E-B used to stock this recycled product. We like this concept for gift giving — the bag and the attached refreshments!