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Hook ’em with this Bevo basket

September 17, 2009

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Be my guestAs transplants, how can we maintain our football loyalties and still cheer for the hometown team? We’re giving it the big Texas try. With a UT student living among us, we’re thinking about our Longhorns. And if you’re any kind of fan, you’ll be joining friends and family throughout the season. If you’re already planning to make the rounds during the playoffs, hook those hosts and hostesses with a Bevo basket. If you’re looking for culinary inspired UT gifts, shop now. I learned this the hard way when I went searching for booster gear during baseball season. Just a fact. The real product is on the market now. A few places to find your spirit-filled food and picnic gifts in Austin:  The University Co-Op, Academy Sports, Stein Mart, Target, and H-E-B. Any other good prospects out there?  Let us in on it!



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