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Blog birthday – two years today

January 6, 2010

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Today marks two years of blogging at The Cookery. To sum it up, we shy away from food propaganda, and believe in giving credit where it’s due.

When we started receiving a high volume of hits on a few or our personal Cub Scout posts early in 2009, we answered the call with a guest post from Pack 61’s Ken Manceaux. Ken’s Top 10 Tips for the Father-Son Cake Bake ranks as our top post of 2009. Ken – many thanks. Our records indicate that many Scout families searched for help and ideas, and you delivered. We’re eager to see the cake you produce in 2010 here in Austin. If you’re a Scout cake baker, check out Cub Scout Dad Mixes It Up for Father-Son Cake Bake.

Additionally, I extend grateful thanks to Austin’s Jane Manaster.  Jane shared her wit and wisdom with us in many posts over the course of several months, and I appreciate her timeless take and good sense when it comes to sustaining ourselves.

With best regards,

Mary Ann



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