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Modify menu repertoire with SuperCook search engine

January 15, 2010

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Stocking the freezer with the latest variety of processed dinners doesn’t measure up to the idea of expanding the menu repertoire. Still, I like to introduce variations on our rotation of go-to ingredients. Yesterday, chicken thighs and fresh mushrooms headlined the dinner plan for our family. Looking for a solution to this menu mystery, I turned to SuperCook, the recipe search engine that finds recipes with the ingredients you have on hand. Just like the path to making “Stone Soup,” SuperCook asks if you have additional ingredients. A little garlic perhaps? Broth? You may find SuperCook providing more information than you need, or tempting you to head back out to the store for that missing pinch of this or that, but overall, the search engine heightens possibilities. We enjoyed our balsamic chicken and mushrooms served over angel hair pasta. Gather a few ideas with your ingredients in stock and let SuperCook search for alternative recipe options.



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