Month: May 2010

Lingering horseradish

The aroma of horseradish loves to linger, and it’s impossible to disregard its presence when in close range of the fields of this lovely root plant. It’s almost festival time, and the good people in the business of horseradish are planning to bring on the spice again. I’m especially curious to see what hot dishes surface in the 2010 horseradish cookbook. …

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Something sweet . . . and good to eat

Not in peak season but available almost everywhere, sweet potatoes are still shaking up taste buds around The Cookery this spring. I’ve had a run-in with sweet potatoes in recent weeks, starting with a superb soup at an Austin restaurant. Then a neighbor shared a load of unwanted sweet potatoes. These were beautiful and I couldn’t think of turning …

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Hungry? Make this a meal

Hungry? Round up four primary ingredients and make this a meal. Prepare rice and chicken to your liking, add fresh spinach and feta, and fold these flavors into a worthy meal. Skip the chicken or substitute rice with your preferred grains to recycle your recipe.

Help stamp out hunger

Want to help stamp out hunger? If you have a mailbox and a letter carrier, you can help. Letter carriers, in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service, will collect non-perishable food items today, May 8, and deliver them to your local food pantries and food banks. Place food items at your mailbox, and your donations will soon be on …

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Minimize waste with a lunchbox spork

Reusable food containers and tools help cut the waste. The spork, that practical spoon-fork-knife combo, isn’t just for kids – but it works well for the lunchbox-toting school crowd. We use sporks for campouts, school lunches and day trips, and the reusable utensils always make the return trip back to a sudsy sink. If you’re packing a lunch, planning a picnic or just …

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