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Date night gets luscious with this simple salad

November 10, 2010

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Sweeten up the menu for date night with Medjool dates. Dates may be nature’s candy, and I hesitate to calculate the calories, but ever since I started craving these while I was a puffy pregnant woman, Medjool dates remain near the top of my all-time natural favorites list. If you can find them fresh, you’re off to a sweet date night. Toss this trio of ingredients and share The Cookery’s simple salad for your own version of date night.

Date salad

Date salad

Date Salad

5 cups fresh baby spinach leaves, rinsed and dried

8 ounces crushed pineapple (drained)

2 cups (about 10 medium to large dates) Medjool dates, pitted and quartered

Thoroughly spin-dry spinach leaves for a crisp salad. Toss ingredients and serve immediately.



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