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Hot tip on tea

January 27, 2011

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It’s nurturing to find a large serving of relaxation in a small cup of hot tea, made with pure leaves from my choosy tea supplier, and often lately the Tazo Calm herbal infusion from a teabag, otherwise known as the “filterbag/sachet” (your basic bag on a string). Smooth and lightly fragrant, one sachet of Calm easily stretches for two cups.

The steamy beverage takes on another facet of relaxation when you take your tea with a little outdoor beauty. The Dallas Arboretum has enhanced their food and beverage offerings to include a February Friendship Tea. If nature calls, and you’re in Dallas, taste a little tea with a friend. Tip to locals in Austin . . . the Dallas Arboretum will honor your Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center membership for entrance to the Arboretum, but do plan to pay $7 for parking. Nurture.



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