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Coming clean in the kitchen

April 5, 2011

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The CookeryIt’s almost that time again. You may be thinking spring cleaning, which applies this time of year, but I’m focused on preparing to move. I’m running down pantry items and clearing cabinet clutter. Our time in Austin is coming to a close in June, and as we trim the household for our anticipated return to New York, it’s time to cut kitchen clutter and use what’s left in The Cookery reserves.

If I were as disciplined as my Virginia pal, Mary, I’d wipe down cabinet and pantry shelves every three months, and methodically rotate every spice bottle. Truth is, I’d fail Mary’s pantry test today, but there’s hope for next week. Moving or not, come clean with me in the kitchen this month. Recycle old kitchen tools, use up ingredients nearing their expiration dates, and break bread with someone.



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