Farewell food keeps Austin real

When the task turns to hospitality, Texans go the distance. In the midst of prepping for our return journey to New York, friends have shared home-cooked meals around their tables, served brisket from the smoker, and tucked restaurant gift cards into our bags. Thank you for all that, friends! It’s been a fueling farewell of  protein-packed plates. Need a few simple but […]

Prep pizza for family appetites

Pizza prep invites the whole family to pitch in for dinner. Whether it’s Father’s Day or any day, invite all hands to help prepare a family meal.  Austin’s Jane Manaster shares her variation of pizza prep, and she’s often among a crowd of children and adults–some vegetarians, some not. Provide pizza crust dough, sauce, and a selection of toppings, and let […]

Cookery crumbs

We’ve nibbled away at the last of the crumbs in our Austin kitchen, and made the final meals with few tools. Refrigeration deserves more credit than it receives, and if you have access to clean water (not to mention filtered), count your blessings. A well-working refrigerator, decent sink and clean water, and a cooking/heat source all help in sustaining healthy […]