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New Year Gumbo from My New Orleans

January 4, 2012

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New Year Gumbo

If you’re looking for real cooking from a solid chef, you’ll appreciate the recipes in My New Orleans from Chef John Besh. The colossal cook book landed on our new doorstep in October and flashed a familiar return address – our former residence in Austin that we left behind in 2011. The new owners hail from Louisiana and made the move from New Orleans. We enjoyed our convenient kitchen in Austin, and a comfortable backyard setting for grilling and dining, and wondered if the place would serve the new family as well as it served us. From the looks of their taste in cook books, we’re certain that they’re enjoying dining in as much as dining out in the ever-palatable Austin.

I have no idea when gumbo season begins or ends, if it has a cycle, but we served it up in The Cookery to welcome this new year despite our unseasonable warm temperatures. I’m grateful for the inspiration to prepare gumbo here in New York. With the help of my cousin who knows her way around a roux, we prepared Besh’s seafood gumbo and served it over rice. Beautiful meal from a choice cook book. We’re extending praises all around for the easy to follow recipes in My New Orleans, stellar photography, and engaging storytelling that John Besh weaves throughout.

Mr. and Mrs. Louisiana . . . we appreciate your gift of cook book cuisine, and look forward to experimenting with the traditions of your cooking. Enjoy Austin and know that we’ll be enjoying a little taste of your New Orleans.



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