Any-time Sugar Cookies

There’s no trick to baking these treats. Big thanks to Ella and Maggie, first and third-grade cookie bakers, for dropping by The Cookery for this sugar cookie post. Bake these sugar cookies any time and decorate with your favorite buttercream frosting. Any-time Sugar Cookies ¾ cup shortening 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla […]

Urgent coffee break – Serious in Syria

Coffee holds a place of honor in some cultures, and The Cookery appreciates a flavorful cup of Arabic coffee. Make this coffee on the stove top, tune out the day’s noise, and tune in to serious matters. There must be countless ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee, but this is not that cup. […]

Jane’s way: get busy with eggplant

The Cookery welcomes our trusted vegetarian guide Jane Manaster back with this guest post of fresh ideas on eggplant. Thanks, Jane, and help us get busy. Jane: How to cope with 50 pounds of eggplant? Although happily not my problem, the bounty was a goodly portion of our community gardens’ harvest and destined for the […]