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Watching your back with a look at 2012

January 4, 2013

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How did life present itself to you in 2012? Watch your back . . . and recount memorable meals shared with friends and family. The Cookery marks five years at WordPress this weekend, and though I found myself limited in posting time (graduate studies finally completed), I was lucky to read favorites around the Web that provided the inspiration to keep the mix going by learning from the big-knowns and little-known creators at the kitchen counter.  It’s been a year of tasting, testing, and sharing. Nothing topped maple sugaring with my kids in Montreal and Vermont (put this on your try-it list in 2013), but taking time out to savor Texas brisket in Austin was a close second. Lovingly shared food and beverage at nuptials in Colorado and New York’s Rockland County made the list, as well as Middle Eastern brunch in Brooklyn, a fabulous dinner for four in Tribeca, a rich cup of coffee on a friend’s patio, and the modest results of backyard vegetable gardening. Here’s to looking back and moving forward for all in this new year.



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