Beyond Hobo Stew

Beyond hobo stew
Beyond hobo stew

When the cookery Cub Scouts offer to cook, I step aside . . . but not too far away when slicing and dicing are called for because we’ve already acquired a few stitches thanks to a very impressive pocketknife injury (not sustained while cooking . . . but through that transferable craft of whittling). The boys put their own twist on hobo stew for dinner, and I’d stand in line for this again. With small squares of tin foil lined up for the prep, the kids layered beef stew meat, chopped broccoli, sliced sweet red pepper and diced purple onion onto the foil wraps. They seasoned this with salt and pepper and Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning (perhaps a little too generously with the Tony’s but they’re/we’re still learning – always). Once filled, the foils were folded closed and grilled on medium high heat for 15 minutes. Price:  budget-friendly.  Taste: excellent.  Clean-up:  painless. Go beyond traditional hobo stew and adapt the old potatoes with a new favorite around your campsite.




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