Wanted: neighbor with backyard chickens

With appetizing joy, I recently received a dozen perfectly imperfect eggs from someone who keeps backyard chickens. We’re not in egg-tossing range, but within an easy two-mile stretch of each other. I appreciated the fresh eggs,  and their minimal travel distance. Track back your breakfast. Find out how far food travels before it reaches your […]

Calculate your water footprint

Blog Action Day focuses on the water cause today, and water responsibility flows in many directions. Water challenges, from access to clean water to the footprint of bottled water, are on the rise.  We can make changes on a personal level, and the water footprint calculator makes it easy to move forward. Run the numbers […]

Mission critical water exchange

Blog Action Day addresses an issue essential to life. . . water. Contribute to the discussion Friday, October 15. Blog Action Day

Wanted: Big Food Fix

I’ve been away for a stretch, and my family and I haven’t missed the pervasive environment of junk food back home in the USA. Health experts and concerned citizens have discussed the matter in detail while offering ambitious solutions, but without wide-scale environmental changes, junk food will continue to dominate much of our food landscape. Natasha […]

Minimize waste with a lunchbox spork

Reusable food containers and tools help cut the waste. The spork, that practical spoon-fork-knife combo, isn’t just for kids – but it works well for the lunchbox-toting school crowd. We use sporks for campouts, school lunches and day trips, and the reusable utensils always make the return trip back to a sudsy sink. If you’re packing a lunch, planning a picnic or just […]

Yard chard

There goes my neighbor again . . . showing off springtime in Austin. This leafy green chard turned up in her front yard to add a little garden-fresh inspiration to the neighborhood.  

Grounds for Change-sample this fair trade organic coffee

The message came across clearly when I received this parcel of Fair Trade coffee from one among you. Thank you, friend! The Grounds for Change Fair Trade organic coffee helps support fair trade economics and wakes up the household with a bold selection of brews. Sample the Grounds for Change coffees for gift ideas, fundraising […]

Drink to Fair Trade Month in October

Supporting Fair Trade sounds simple, but picking up a convenient alternative takes me off track. October is Fair Trade Month, and I’m working my way back to stocking Fair Trade coffee. Want to join the cause? Take a look at these easy avenues to support Fair Trade  . . . . starting with a cup […]

No rhubarb leaves for the pup

My kibble eater is curious and we’re trying to eliminate garden plants that may be toxic to pets. Rhubarb leaves are a concern, so we won’t be tending those around The Cookery. The closest I’ve been to raising rhubarb was when I was asked to garden-sit for a neighbor. Her giant rhubarb needed a little soil […]

Drop this in your shopping cart

Need a gift idea? Recycle this one from one of Austin’s earth-friendly peacemakers. This colorful bag cheers Central Texas with its bright floral design. I don’t know if these bags are still on the market, but H-E-B used to stock this recycled product. We like this concept for gift giving — the bag and the attached refreshments!