Living and giving with the gift of soup

If I haven’t said enough good things about our frequent guest, Jane Manaster, let me sing praises here. Thank you, Jane, for all the good you share with The Cookery. Here’s another guest post about living and giving from Jane that places the focus on others less fortunate. Soup Preparation At a Sukkah party at […]

Any-time Sugar Cookies

There’s no trick to baking these treats. Big thanks to Ella and Maggie, first and third-grade cookie bakers, for dropping by The Cookery for this sugar cookie post. Bake these sugar cookies any time and decorate with your favorite buttercream frosting. Any-time Sugar Cookies ¾ cup shortening 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla […]

Another year of keepin’ it alive and real

It seems as if there’s a constant parade through The Cookery, which keeps the place lively, but the parade to top all was the march of these little penguins. Under the direction of our sweet cousin, Kathie, the kids made these edible marchers (with inspiration from out of olives, cream cheese, carrots, and peppers. […]

Never let gifts of food be returned to sender

Have you moved during the past year? Friends and family may be trying to send greetings in the way of festive food packages. I encourage you to update your address for their benefit and yours. We’re a little remiss in updating ours, but we’re rejoicing this week as our favorite gift of food found us. […]

Pumpkin-spittin’ image

It’s quick and easy to spit out those pumpkin seeds once you’ve carved up the pumpkins, but keep your pumpkin-spittin’ image in check. Roast on and repurpose those pumpkin seeds. Test The Cookery’s best pumpkin seed tip.

Back-to-school readiness begins with food allergy awareness

With or without kids, back-to-school time gives us a chance to look forward and improve readiness for new challenges. That could mean the challenge to pack healthier lunches for ourselves or to help others learn about food allergies. Give yourself and your family members a refresh on food allergy readiness. –Get to know your child’s school nurse. Healthcare professionals […]

Prep pizza for family appetites

Pizza prep invites the whole family to pitch in for dinner. Whether it’s Father’s Day or any day, invite all hands to help prepare a family meal.  Austin’s Jane Manaster shares her variation of pizza prep, and she’s often among a crowd of children and adults–some vegetarians, some not. Provide pizza crust dough, sauce, and a selection of toppings, and let […]

When you care enough to get your hands dirty . . .

make your own truffles. If there’s an argument for processed cookies, let it be this one. Using Oreo cookies as the primary ingredient, you and yours will love these easy-to-make truffles. I first tried this divine variation on truffles a couple of years ago when my neighbor shared a selection of white and dark chocolate […]

Bento Box filled with healthy fun for one

Yum-Yum Bento Box How long does it take to fix a school lunch? For the experienced parent, good at keeping chips or the equivalent, fruit and veggies, a sandwich and a treat, maybe two minutes. That’s unless the peanut butter has separated or the jelly cowers at the unreachable bottom of the jar. It’s a […]