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Pumpkin roll

I’m on the annual pumpkin roll, and to start things off with sugar pumpkins, The Cookery rolled out four festive pumpkin lovin’ loaves yesterday. Pick up a sugar pumpkin and try my candied pumpkin bread recipe. Up next . . . my family will be testing Metrocurean’s tempting take on pumpkin pancakes.

Sign up over lunch

On the menu this week . . . mastering the alphabet in sign language. It’s not necessarily about being understood, but trying to understand. EduMat scores again . . . this time with their “Let’s Practice Signing” laminated placemats. These placemats are great for kids, but not just for little hands. Make your own and laminate them, or pick up a …

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Smoothie smarts

Are you smarter than a fourth grader? Here’s a smoothie fix tested and tasted by third and fourth graders. The smoothie blenders based their fruit choices on what  they  found around The Cookery . . . just right bananas, melon and oranges. Great smoothies! Smart Smoothies 16 ounces plain yogurt 2 ripe peeled bananas 4 cups chopped melon …

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Something sweet . . . and good to eat

Not in peak season but available almost everywhere, sweet potatoes are still shaking up taste buds around The Cookery this spring. I’ve had a run-in with sweet potatoes in recent weeks, starting with a superb soup at an Austin restaurant. Then a neighbor shared a load of unwanted sweet potatoes. These were beautiful and I couldn’t think of turning …

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Minimize waste with a lunchbox spork

Reusable food containers and tools help cut the waste. The spork, that practical spoon-fork-knife combo, isn’t just for kids – but it works well for the lunchbox-toting school crowd. We use sporks for campouts, school lunches and day trips, and the reusable utensils always make the return trip back to a sudsy sink. If you’re packing a lunch, planning a picnic or just …

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