Kids ramp up healthy cooking quotient

Think your healthy cooking quotient is higher than a middle schooler’s? Read about young students who are helping America kick the junk food habit and cooking real food.

Conduct your own nutrient analysis during National School Breakfast Week

It’s National School Breakfast Week, and though you may not venture anywhere near school cafeterias, it’s as good a time as any to conduct your own nutrient analysis. Take your breakfast inventory and change it up this week. Baked apples for breakfast? Warm up with this easy variation on baked apples. Easy Baked Oven Apples […]

Another year of keepin’ it alive and real

It seems as if there’s a constant parade through The Cookery, which keeps the place lively, but the parade to top all was the march of these little penguins. Under the direction of our sweet cousin, Kathie, the kids made these edible marchers (with inspiration from out of olives, cream cheese, carrots, and peppers. […]

Strawberry bliss

Berries aren’t forever, and our somewhat local strawberry fields have nearly reached picking limits at the close of their strawberry season. We managed to find a few Texas strawberries just in time this week at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. The berries provide plenty of reason to be thankful, but what I really appreciate is Sweet Berry Farm’s candor […]

Nourish . . .

You may not be baking the daily bread or growing your own bounty to harvest, but if you’re trying to serve up nourishment with a healthy perspective, you’re helping light the way to better nutrition. I’m marking another year at The Cookery (three years this week), and applauding all who are trying to sustain and […]

Breathe easy with edible gifts

Edible gifts may not work for everyone on your giving list, but if you’re looking for a modest present to share the spirit of giving with a friend, borrow one of these ideas from our friends and neighbors. We enjoy the gifts of fresh fruit, cookies, coffee, fudge, assorted cheeses and freshly baked bread, and our kids […]

Bento Box filled with healthy fun for one

Yum-Yum Bento Box How long does it take to fix a school lunch? For the experienced parent, good at keeping chips or the equivalent, fruit and veggies, a sandwich and a treat, maybe two minutes. That’s unless the peanut butter has separated or the jelly cowers at the unreachable bottom of the jar. It’s a […]

Pumpkin roll

I’m on the annual pumpkin roll, and to start things off with sugar pumpkins, The Cookery rolled out four festive pumpkin lovin’ loaves yesterday. Pick up a sugar pumpkin and try my candied pumpkin bread recipe. Up next . . . my family will be testing Metrocurean’s tempting take on pumpkin pancakes.

Raisin reason

Need a reason to stock up on raisins? Try this variation on raisin & bran muffins. My 9-year-old neighbor prepared this batch with minimal assistance. The thick and creamy batter produces a generous result.           Raisins in the muffins  1 box (15 oz.) bran or raisin bran cereal  ½ cup raisins  ½ cup […]

Cub Scout bakers prepare for Father-Son Cake Bake

Cub Scout cake bakers are prepping for another Father-Son Cake Bake. If you’re just getting started with the Scouting Cake Bake tradition, you can find help here from Austin’s own Ken Manceaux as he mixes up his best tips to get baking for your Father-Son Cake Bake.