Shredded Bliss

It’s tempting to slip on a pair of stretchy dark yoga pants this time of year though not necessarily for yoga. The holiday season afterglow that drifts into January makes the rest of the wardrobe feel a little snug. An extra pound (or five) shows up after indulging in everything from office party cookies to […]

A Toast to France

Cool fall weather marks the perfect time to toast France with a hearty meal and a glass of red wine. Make these creamy bistro potatoes. I’m toasting our hosts in Paris for their fabulous hospitality. Merci!

Saffron lifts humble paella

Darlings of the dining scene come and go, but the Spanish dish paella consistently holds its place. Follow this simple recipe in my Cook On food column and transform rice into a flavorful meal.

Main cookie attraction

Sharing a cookie is about the most simplistic way to pass on a serving of sweetness. Satisfy your own little craving, say thanks, or let a certain someone know you’re sweet on them with the help of a cookie. Surprise the receiver (that could be yourself) with a new cookie of sorts. Here are three […]

Savoring Gifts

Cook On: 1 part chaos, 2 parts calm Give me an edible gift and I’ll give you a nourishing meal in return. If we’re sustaining the age of natural gifts of food, I’m going to do my part to continue the trend. Who doesn’t love the surprise of a beautiful bottle of wine or even […]

Treat holiday house guests to shakshouka brunch

Expecting house guests for the holidays? Shake up brunch with a spicy egg dish. But be warned. Your guests may try to extend their stay. Check out my latest column and this easy recipe for Sharif’s Shakshouka.

Invade your own kitchen and make these dumplings

Warm up at home with a comfort meal. You’ll master a no-fail dish and find yourself with plenty of cash left in the food budget to splurge dining out. Try this variation on chicken and dumplings, an old family favorite that I love to prepare with my mom’s beat up old roaster pan.

Apple Galette made easy with the perfect kitchen tool

Some home cooks get by with a decent knife and cutting board. The rest of us can’t resist the latest gadget even though we try to keep our kitchen utensils in check. If you’re stocked up on thermometers, cutting boards and cookbooks, give yourself the perfect gift: an apple slicer. It peels, cores and slices. […]

Chinese cooking: Bring on the high heat

When Chinese stir fry looks as good as it tastes, you’ve arrived. And when it comes to experts, let them take over your kitchen. Follow Dr. Martha’s easy steps to prepare Chinese stir fry. 1. Make it uniform: if you’re going to slice the beef, slice the onions. If you’re dicing the chicken, dice the […]