World Culture Across the Table

Leonora Burton of The Country Goose in Cold Spring brought her own tastes from Wales to New York’s Hudson Valley, but she caters to a wide range of food preferences. Find your world market and explore culture through cooking.

All-Purpose Pasta

Although average strands of spaghetti dressed with a homemade sauce typically fill the dinner plates at our house, there’s no argument that to appreciate the beauty of true noodles — prepared with eggs, flour and a little olive oil — you need fresh pasta. For fine pasta selections, like the hand-rolled pasta at Manhattan restaurant …

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Share an artichoke

Cook On: 1 part chaos, 2 parts calm Hearty Flowers By Mary Ann Ebner Artichokes sprout a few thorns, but underneath all that armor, their tough leaves protect delicate creamy flesh. Harvested before they blossom with spiky flowers, artichokes are actually unopened buds from a type of thistle plant. The plants produce clusters of large …

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