Eat better, live well

Having spent a few more hours than planned in airports these past few days, I found it tempting to reach for sweets and entirely-too-salty snacks. I’m grateful to be out of range of the temptations and home in the Hudson Valley. Eat better and live well in your new year. Read more in my latest […]

Breaking bread al fresco style

Ready or not, 2013 is upon us. Pack a winter picnic and ring in the new year al fresco style.  Check out my recent article, Fresh-Air Fun, and catch the outdoor vibe. May life take you outdoors in your new year. Happy hiking . . .

Kids ramp up healthy cooking quotient

Think your healthy cooking quotient is higher than a middle schooler’s? Read about young students who are helping America kick the junk food habit and cooking real food.

To your heart . . .

Here’s a quiz for your heart health: is your heart health important . . . or urgent? Hopefully, you’re living it well, but if not, you can start something today. Love your oatmeal. It may be certain that heart disease takes many lives, but heartbreak leads to another deep loss. Love others, love your heart, […]