Spice up food writing with Monica Bhide

What makes a good food writer? Start with a passion for storytelling and carefully add a sharp eye for all things fresh for the table. That’s what you’ll discover with Monica Bhide in her food writing courses. Monica’s final food writing course for the spring is accessible from just about anywhere and open for registration. Browse the instructor’s […]

Beyond the plate with Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller tells it like it is when he speaks about the physical demands of cooking with finesse. Here’s hoping his venture into magazine publishing pleases the palate with equal integrity.

Spice up food writing with Monica Bhide

Hello, harvest friends, and welcome to October. Wherever you may be, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that the season promises. Though it may seem as if “back-to-school” wrapped up weeks ago, you can still make your way into the learning mode with Monica Bhide’s Introduction […]

Order up . . . New design spices up The Cookery

Hello, friends! With a new season in mind, I’m re-launching my site and blog with an enhanced design and fresh menu at The Cookery. It’s been my pleasure to collaborate with Imedia Web Inc. of Austin, with the talented Robert Lopez taking the lead. We’ve been working on the new look over the summer, and […]

Tricia Downing serves it up at Littleton’s Melting Pot tonight

It seems as if we all get the chance to learn from obstacles in some capacity, but some of us face greater challenges than others and overcome them with grace and success. Tricia Downing lives up to this reality. From bike racer to injured athlete to motivational speaker and physically challenged athlete, Trish shows us the possibilities of […]

Get stewed in the kitchen with Salon

Looking for a challenge to heat things up around the fireside? Meet the Salon Kitchen Challenge this week and blog your way through your worthiest stew. Blog your submissions with Salon by 10 a.m. January 18.

Pen and ink in The Cookery

Do your favorite pens and pencils ever go missing? It seems to happen around The Cookery often. A basket of 10 sharpened pencils turns up empty two days later. And the pencils never surface anywhere. This happens with pens, too. I like to keep pens and pencils at the ready for the usual–jotting down story […]

Statesman Food Matters

The Cookery warms up . . . in today’s news with the Austin American-Statesman’s Addie Broyles. Addie shares my recipe for Simple Soup Supper in Try This At Home. Feed and read with Addie around her print and electronic tables.

Skip-the-moon-bounce Blog Birthday

Drop by to moon bounce Rattle a few pots and pans with me today. That’s what I’ll be doing around The Cookery in Austin as I mark this blog’s first anniversary.