Clean slate in the cookery

Happy New Year, food-minded friends. The advantage of leaving a tidy kitchen is returning home to a clean slate. We’ve just returned from holiday travels and it’s great to be home. What’s best–we’re starting the new year off with an empty refrigerator and a sparsely stocked pantry. True, my wallet may feel the pinch this week, but I’ll be making some distinguished choices at the markets. Stand by for top tips in quality and price out and about in Austin.




Chowder for the Wolf at the Door

When 10 pounds of potatoes and a couple dozen ears of corn show up unannounced, welcome them home to the chowder pot. After transforming our

Apple Soup Sendoff

Farewells bring on mingled emotions. Some signal “goodbyes” and others “so longs,” with hopes to stay connected even over long distances. When the time came

Peppered Corn Meal

Preparing the perfect polenta sounds easy enough, but around my kitchen, it takes added patience to work with the grainy flour ground from white or