Don’t call him Santa

Pa's Famous Fudge
Pa's Famous Fudge

His name’s not Santa, but the jolly man in our family did it again. Pa’s Famous Fudge arrived yesterday.  Six pounds of chocolate temptation. This is a Christmas present we can’t wait to open early. We don’t make our own fudge here in the cookery because Pa’s fudge always finds us. The kids love this family tradition, packaged in a festive tin, which we receive from Pa and Gram year after year. We move through the months without thinking much about the sugary squares, but once we begin the final stretch of the year, the craving begins. Don’t call him Santa, but here’s a little stuffer for your stocking:  Pa’s Famous Fudge recipe.

 Pa’s Famous Fudge


Yield:  6 pounds (That’s before you eat it!!)


6 cups sugar

3 sticks margarine

1 can evaporated milk

24 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

20 oz. marshmallow cream

3 tablespoons vanilla


In heavy saucepan, mix sugar, margarine, and evaporated milk over medium heat. Cook 5-6 minutes and bring to a boil. (Pa lives in high altitude which requires about eight minutes.)


Fold in semi-sweet chocolate.  Stir constantly until melted. Whip in marshmallow cream. Stir in vanilla.


If you’re nutty about fudge, add your pecans or walnuts here. Otherwise, pour into greased 9 X 12 baking pan.  Set overnight at 50 degrees or cooler. Cut and freeze.  Pa promises that this fudge keeps frozen up to four months. 


When he’s not preparing fattening fudge, Pa hangs out in the garage and tinkers with his vintage truck. 







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