Get prepped for Food Allergy Awareness Week

Around The Cookery, Food Allergy Awareness Week is every week of the year, and the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network works around the clock to raise awareness of food allergies. FAAN ramps up awareness efforts next week when it dedicates May 8-14 to increasing efforts to help educate communities on food allergies and life threatening conditions. If you live with food allergies or care for someone who has food allergies, check out FAAN’s 2011 suggestions to get involved.

While you’re browsing, have a look at Allergic Living, which kicked food allergens across North America in its spring 2011 launch issue.  I appreciated the practical example on dealing with food allergies as an adult from the perspective of Mireille Schwartz of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board. Find great resources in their online archives and see what’s trending not only with food allergies, but in asthma and gluten-free circles.




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