Giving – Do It Yourself Hot Chocolate

Giving –  

better than receiving.

As the holiday season comes around the two perennial bugbears loom closer.  How can we manage gifts when we have neither time nor money to shop?  And how, while we are at this pity-party do we convince the children that it is better to give than to receive?

We make gifts!  This doesn’t involve a visit to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and a new creative talent, but instead spending five minutes longer at the supermarket buying ingredients to mix hot chocolate powder. And then a brief trip to the dollar store to choose some festive tins and a role of ribbon.

The hot chocolate mix is an ideal task for you and the children who need gifts for teachers, friends and colleagues.  If the recipe seems a little heavy on the sweetness, halve the quantity of confectioners’ sugar. 

Supermarket chains do package differently so quantities are approximate. A few extra ounces here or there won’t be a problem.


3 lbs. non-fat dried milk powder

9 oz. powdered coffee creamer

1 lb. chocolate Nesquik

1 lb. confectioners sugar

Very large mixing bowl.

Spoon for each ‘chef’

Soap (to wash hands prior to working)

Tins, ribbon, decorating doo-dads

© 2009 Jane Manaster. All Rights Reserved.




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