Icing on the cake marks true secret of Father-Son Cake Bake

Piping on the frosting
Piping on the frosting
The Father-Son Cake Bake Team wiped down the counters and swept up the sugar just in time to enter their cakes in the Pack 61 Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake.
Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow

Designed as a fundraiser, this year’s cakes were judged by two gracious Whole Foods cake decorators who didn’t actually taste the cakes, but judged them on their appearance, design, creativity, and in some cases, nerve. In the end, it didn’t really matter if your cake tasted the best. The cakes were auctioned off to the highest bidders, with the Pack Master bidding $100 for the cake he baked with his son. You’re right if you guessed that we purchased our cakes ($30 and $35, respectively) and brought them back to The Cookery. Dad’s happy to be acquainted with the makings of buttercream frosting and the Scouts are working on ideas for next year. We’re having cake tonight . . .

Always Wear a Life Jacket
Always Wear a Life Jacket




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