Main cookie attraction

Sharing a cookie is about the most simplistic way to pass on a serving of sweetness. Satisfy your own little craving, say thanks, or let a certain someone know you’re sweet on them with the help of a cookie. Surprise the receiver (that could be yourself) with a new cookie of sorts. Here are three selections to purchase from the freezer section, order online, or bake yourself:

Macarons des Fêtes from Trader Joe’s

I recently tried these almond-meringue-filled cookies in the home of one who grew up with the best macarons in France, and as much as I love TJ’s savory products, this is my new favorite. Find these assorted macarons in the freezer section.

Otterbein’s Sugar Cookies

Otterbein's Sugar Cookies

If you’re from Baltimore, you know all about these crunchy crisp sugar cookies. We sampled a bag of Otterbein’s best from one of Baltimore’s sweetest daughters. Maybe it’s the ammonium carbonate listed in the ingredients that makes them so thin and crispy, but there’s an innocence to these sugar cookies that will keep you filling up your cup of tea so that you can enjoy the whole bag all at once. Order Otterbein’s and share the tradition.

Orange plus chocolate = blissful cookies

As these delicate cookies bring orange and chocolate together, all others may step aside. I sampled these with a cup of the finest hot chocolate on a snowy night, and had to ask for a road map to return to this cookie bliss. The cookie’s baker was happy to share the recipe. Note that she uses dipping chocolate in place of chocolate glaze. Bake. Share. Repeat.

Valencia Delights




Chowder for the Wolf at the Door

When 10 pounds of potatoes and a couple dozen ears of corn show up unannounced, welcome them home to the chowder pot. After transforming our

Apple Soup Sendoff

Farewells bring on mingled emotions. Some signal “goodbyes” and others “so longs,” with hopes to stay connected even over long distances. When the time came

Peppered Corn Meal

Preparing the perfect polenta sounds easy enough, but around my kitchen, it takes added patience to work with the grainy flour ground from white or