Nibble on these crumbs

Guess who’s listening?  This time, it was me.  Overheard at the youth league baseball park (where I’m earning a VIP pass in the bleacher seats), a couple of parents–undoubtedly the primary food managers for their families–moaned over struggles to keep the pantry stocked with worthy food. When I heard that they were running to the store every day for a load of groceries or simply a gallon of milk, I started feeling a little sad about their dilemma. Baseball fans – shopping every day will consume your life and your wallet. I’m always borrowing ideas from savvy shoppers and smart cooks. I adopted this method from a frugal friend a few years ago:  Keep your sanity and cut that shopping down to twice a week.  Plan a few meals, make a list and shop for the week.  Allow yourself another stroll through your favorite market for fresh items a few days later.  Save time, conserve gas, enjoy more personal time at the baseball field and skip the concession stand nachos (or minimize your splurges) so that you can enjoy your own healthy food choices after the game.




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