Lose the green and yellow . . . I’m thinking Austin blue

Somehow, it just doesn’t feel like my own cookery until we throw on the first splash of paint. But forget my early thoughts on painting the new Austin cookery green or yellow.  I picked up some color samples–aqua and coffee–yesterday.  I may carry the color right out the back door and on to the porch. And to you who […]

Hospitality . . . Austin-Style

Truly Texas . . .  Nearly as soon as I unloaded my cardboard boxes in the new Austin digs, neighbors dropped by with greetings, local maps, phone lists, and yes . . . freshly baked cookies and oatmeal bars. Austin hospitality just keeps proving itself.  Thank you, kind neighbors!

Tortilla flats . . . welcome to Austin

The new cookery is not quite up and running but we’ve almost arrived. Austin rates off the charts. We are digging in with our forks and spoons and checking out the local scene. I’m counting my coins–as always–and spending my money on bread.  The boys love the warm tortilla samples at HEB And we’ve learned how to prepare them at home like […]