Popcorn, pretzels and pickle pops

Forget leafy greens and fresh fruit. The only thing going green at this ballpark is the “light green” pickle pop. Baseball fans can count on their favorite concession treats at Oak Hill. Check out the featured menu of popcorn and pop flies in the Oak Hill Gazette.

Double Play Dinner

Winter may be lingering around your neighborhood, but here in Texas, we’re welcoming pre-season baseball. It’s convenient to skip a healthy dinner with a load  of excuses, primarily that there’s little time to fix anything when returning home after 8:00 p.m. from the batting cages. We rallied last night with a successful double play – arriving on time […]

Batter Up!

Despite the dark shadow that’s been cast over the great sport of baseball lately, I maintain my loyalty.  I love baseball.  Once again, the cookery made another transformation this week — to family dugout.  Batter Up!  For the first grade baseball cake batter, the team chose chocolate for the bat and vanilla for the ball.  […]