I Hate to Cook . . . the book

The Cookery welcomes Jane Manaster who shares this guest post with all of us. Many thanks, Jane! The I Hate to Cook Book, New York, Grand Central, 2010. Fiftieth anniversary edition. Even those of us who enjoy cooking run out of ideas sometimes. When Peg Bracken published her I Hate to Cook Book, it wasn’t […]

Tricia Downing serves it up at Littleton’s Melting Pot tonight

It seems as if we all get the chance to learn from obstacles in some capacity, but some of us face greater challenges than others and overcome them with grace and success. Tricia Downing lives up to this reality. From bike racer to injured athlete to motivational speaker and physically challenged athlete, Trish shows us the possibilities of […]

Cookbook receipt marks carrot soup recipes

Among the cookbooks I received that belonged to my late sister, I found a copy of Fields of Greens, New Vegetarian Recipes from the Celebrated Greens Restaurant by Annie Somerville. The inspiration of this recipe collection only gets better with the tiny scrap of history tucked into the pages. My sister purchased the cookbook way back in 1994, at […]

Get personal . . . with your own cookbook

TasteBook has unveiled a hard copy cookbook that gets very personal. It enables you to personalize a collection of recipes in a cookbook, enhanced far beyond many of the “photo memory” books on the market the past few years. Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of borrowing recipes and ideas from food sites and blogs?  Electronic copies free up […]

Reach for that reference

In living, cooking, writing . . . whatever the endeavor, why not reach for that reference?  When it comes to breakfast, I’m notorious for offering Wasa crispbread, cheese, yogurt and fresh fruit.  But my husband loves pancakes.  He just turned out his best batch ever with a “Griddle Cakes” recipe from our vintage Better Homes and […]

“Food beyond compare, food beyond . . .

Belief.”  And we know not what goes in the mincer of the innkeeper, Thénardier, in Les Misérables.  The innkeeper cooked the goose in more ways than one.  From Victor Hugo’s masterpiece came the musical Les Misérables, performed this past weekend by local high school students.  We checked out our next-door neighbor’s performance.  Great job, fair […]

Falling Slowly

My husband just cranked up a YouTube clip in the cyber cafe and I’m falling in to the chorus with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova as they perform “Falling Slowly.”  This cookery is a space to digest life’s ingredients.  It’s not glamorous, but as I load my dishwasher this evening, I’m relaxed because no one’s listening.  I’m […]