Breakfast bon voyage from Ann Arbor

Friends in Ann Arbor sent us on our final leg of the journey with a bon voyage Mediterranean breakfast. Healthy, fresh, and full of flavor. Laced with love from a Lebanese kitchen, their morning meals provided a kick-start to each new day. When departure day from Michigan arrived, we prepared to complete our journey with […]

Raisin reason

Need a reason to stock up on raisins? Try this variation on raisin & bran muffins. My 9-year-old neighbor prepared this batch with minimal assistance. The thick and creamy batter produces a generous result.           Raisins in the muffins  1 box (15 oz.) bran or raisin bran cereal  ½ cup raisins  ½ cup […]

Cranberry sauce smoothies

Reach into the refrigerator and recycle your leftover cranberry sauce with a festive take on smoothies. Blend this: two bananas 8 ounces yogurt 1 cup ice two tablespoons leftover cranberry sauce (We prepared the sauce two days ago with water, fresh cranberries, grated orange peel, and sugar.) Yield: Four small smoothies.

Why we like Wasa

We like the fiber fill of Wasa. The crunch. The taste. The price. And we especially liked this weekend’s clearance price at our local IKEA . If you don’t mind extending Wasa’s festive Christmas infusion into February, look for these at the IKEA Swedish Food Market for 75 cents. This package expires May 31.   We’re topping our Wasa with butter, cheese and cucumbers in The […]

Love on the griddle

If we prepared French Toast often, this breakfast fest wouldn’t be a treat. From whole wheat bread to real maple syrup, help the kids in the kitchen put a heart-healthy spin on French Toast. If you’re due for some authentic French romance, visit The French Fork for a lesson on making and enjoying crepes.

Griddle Time

What’s up with the griddle? If the secret to a happy marriage is a waffle maker, then part of the fun in learning to cook with the kids is griddle time. If you’re stashing one in your cabinet, or storing your griddle in the garage with the camping gear, dust it off and add butter. With our large slab of iron in action this week, […]

Breakfast at . . .

home. Our neighbors treated us to their home-prepped breakfast burritos a few weeks ago. We tried our own hand at it this weekend.  The tortillas: H-E-B whole wheat which cost about $.23 each.  With seven eggs, 1/2 cup fresh spinach, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar and 1/2 cup diced sirloin (seasoned and grilled the night before), we […]

And I approve this . . .

message breakfast. Vote here . . Wasa bread, avocado spread, roasted pumpkin seeds. No frills, no promises, no tax talk. Consider this for breakfast, lunch, snack, anytime.