Curried egg salad lands a school lunch date

Lunch date? This curried egg salad gets the nod, and it’s booked for a back-to-school lunch (or two). The Cookery dabbled in several variations of traditional egg and mayo samples, but this curried blend (thanks, Jane, for the inspiration) starts the school year off with an extra kick and holds up well in a wrap. Get set and […]

Try to make a wish with a turkey nugget

How many wishes can you make with one wishbone? (Not a synthetic wishbone–but one that you carefully carved around.) This wishbone came from the turkey we roasted in December. We removed the leftovers from the freezer this week to prepare a stock for curried turkey soup. The kids aren’t fussing over the wishbone . . . yet.  It’s still drying.

Cookery seeking green pastures

It’s too soon to share our secret, but this cookery and its primary cook will soon be on the move.  My outdoor grill partner just returned from a site inspection of the new digs and the grass looks verdant from our perspective. In the moment, the potato gnocchi I dished out for Father’s Day dinner was close to […]

Curry favor

I broke out the curry for dinner last night.  Chicken curry doesn’t last long around our table.  Today I’m transitioning into a new herb rhythm.  How does fresh dill over cucumber wedges sound?  The combination tastes light and fresh.  Perfect for a warm spring day.