Jane’s way: get busy with eggplant

The Cookery welcomes our trusted vegetarian guide Jane Manaster back with this guest post of fresh ideas on eggplant. Thanks, Jane, and help us get busy. Jane: How to cope with 50 pounds of eggplant? Although happily not my problem, the bounty was a goodly portion of our community gardens’ harvest and destined for the […]

My man Hazi and his eggplant stew

In the mood for stew? I make this stew often, and when eggplant looks especially tempting (I couldn’t pass them up last weekend at the farmers’ market), this dish makes an appearance. I discovered this stew with a wonderful Arabic teacher in California, and posted this recipe a couple of years ago. Try Hazi’s Stew […]

Pick of the produce

This Chinese eggplant may catch your eye in the produce section. It caught mine, and at $2.49 per pound (this week at H-E-B), try it grilled and folded in a tortilla. Spritz sliced eggplant with water, then drizzle slices with extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to your liking and grill, turning once for golden brown […]

Fire up the eggplant

Fire up the eggplant and feast on this Middle Eastern stew.  A food loving gentleman introduced me to this modest dish and although it’s fantastic as is, he also recommends adding a little cubed lamb or beef to embellish for a special meal.  I’ve made it with all of the variations.  Excellent!    Hazi’s Stew 6 […]