Icing on the cake marks true secret of Father-Son Cake Bake

The Father-Son Cake Bake Team wiped down the counters and swept up the sugar just in time to enter their cakes in the Pack 61 Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake. Designed as a fundraiser, this year’s cakes were judged by two gracious Whole Foods cake decorators who didn’t actually taste the cakes, but judged them on their appearance, […]

Kicked out of the cookery

Have you ever been kicked out of your own kitchen/garage/office? I’ve just received the boot right out of the cookery. It’s temporary, so I’ll skip the manicure. The much anticipated Father-Son Cake Bake has arrived. This is a baking/bonding project for Cub Scouts and Dads. Cake testing is underway with the big event for Pack 61 […]

Cub Scout Dad Mixes It Up For Father-Son Cake Bake

    Father Son Cake Bake Expert mixes it up for Scout dads   Some of our visitors have been looking for guidance for the upcoming Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake. Our guest at The Cookery is Cub Scout Den Leader Ken Manceaux of Cub Scout Pack 61 in Austin, Texas. Ken’s here to share […]

Scouting the Father-Son cake bake trail

Father and sons pondered the Cub Scout Father-Son Cake Bake ideas again this weekend. “What’s that icing called again? The kind that we had on our wedding cake,” my husband asked. He was, of course, thinking of fondant, a smooth sugary confection that you can roll and mold right onto your cake. Well, that’s quite […]