Savoring Gifts

Cook On: 1 part chaos, 2 parts calm Give me an edible gift and I’ll give you a nourishing meal in return. If we’re sustaining the age of natural gifts of food, I’m going to do my part to continue the trend. Who doesn’t love the surprise of a beautiful bottle of wine or even […]

93-year-old grandma cooks up happy holiday gram

We won’t mention any names, lest we spoil the surprise of those who may find one of these recipe grams in their Christmas stockings this year. The Cookery likes this gift idea created by a 93-year-old grandmother who boasts dozens of grandchildren and great-grands. She’s sure to bring out the spirit of giving with this personal gift. […]

Never let gifts of food be returned to sender

Have you moved during the past year? Friends and family may be trying to send greetings in the way of festive food packages. I encourage you to update your address for their benefit and yours. We’re a little remiss in updating ours, but we’re rejoicing this week as our favorite gift of food found us. […]

Don’t wait to send those treats to your troops

If you’re thinking about getting a care package off to a loved one far from home, don’t wait too much longer. I had a relatively short wait in the mailing line with the U.S. Postal Service, but the lines are getting longer this week, and delivery projections are edging closer to the new year. Here […]

Hook ’em with this Bevo basket

As transplants, how can we maintain our football loyalties and still cheer for the hometown team? We’re giving it the big Texas try. With a UT student living among us, we’re thinking about our Longhorns. And if you’re any kind of fan, you’ll be joining friends and family throughout the season. If you’re already planning to make […]