MyTown Marketplace opens in Highland Falls

Hudson Valley residents in and around the village of Highland Falls don’t have a wealth of shopping options when it comes to food, but someone’s getting the party started. Here’s to what MyTown Marketplace is: Now Open. Fresh. Food. Daily.


Slice this:  the Honeycrisp organic apple.  The taste measures up to the size.  This was a cookery indulgence at $2.99/pound at Austin HEB this week.   It’s not easy to justify a bushel, but a pound of the Honeycrisp organic apple stretches all the way across a table.

The Whole Note

Does a place exist where everyone’s friendly, the surroundings are beautiful and the clock stops without worry? Whole Foods managed to consume my whole morning and absorb the whole family food budget for the week (possibly part of next’s week budget, too). Friends have sent warnings and they spoke spot-on of the temptation:  Whole Foods offers natural beauty in its …

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