Head back to school with food allergy posters

It’s that time again – back to school – and with that comes a refresh on food allergies. Even though our son will return to the same elementary school, he’s moved up to the next grade with a new teacher and he’ll be mixed in with many classmates he hasn’t met yet. If you want […]

Time to refresh those pantry shelves

Are your pantry items beginning to look a little tired? Maybe it’s time to clean off those shelves. Join me in December and get honest with expired canned goods, dated spices and vintage herbs.

Food writing with Monica Bhide

Food writers and food writers in the making: take a break from your recipes and browse Monica Bhide’s site. http://mbhide.typepad.com/my_weblog/ An established food writer and cookbook author who eats locally but cooks globally, Monica is challenging readers to pay it forward. She’ll be giving away a food writing class and a food writing phone consultation.  So […]

Bookmark the Foodie BlogRoll

The Foodie BlogRoll continues to roll with inspiration and energy.  With a small bow to The Leftover Queen and The Foodie Blogroll, here’s a note of appreciation for this diverse collection of food blogs. Check out the site’s 5 Random Blogs. If you’re looking for ideas, answers, menus and more, this well of foodie resources serves it up on […]

Fully loaded

Environmental Working Group is offering consumers a Shopper’s Guide.  Their list reminds us which fruits and vegetables are fully loaded with pesticides. Browse a sample of the guide and find out how to choose healthier options. http://foodnews.org/


Slice this:  the Honeycrisp organic apple.  The taste measures up to the size.  This was a cookery indulgence at $2.99/pound at Austin HEB this week.   It’s not easy to justify a bushel, but a pound of the Honeycrisp organic apple stretches all the way across a table.