She likes bread but it doesn’t like her — GF for Sadie

sweet bread

By Jane Manaster I always thought gluten free was a fad or a demand for attention. Now that we find our 6 ½ -year-old granddaughter is a celiac, the issue takes on a personal and more serious relevance. We know wheat, rye, and barley are to be avoided, rice and corn are OK so it’s […]

Coconut macaroons – tested and tasted …

Try this no-nonsense recipe for macaroons from trusted friend and guest blogger Jane Manaster. Welcome back to The Cookery, Jane. A Dessert for Passover By Jane Manaster Florence Greenberg was the English equivalent of Joan Nathan, today’s maven or expert in American Jewish cookbook authors. Both, in their time and place, have supplied recipes for […]

Cookie tips for the marathon baker

We’re warming up the oven for some marathon cookie baking this week, and if you’re up to baking, check out this gift of baking tips from Jane Manaster . . .  two traditional tips to try when mixing cookies by hand. 1. When you are mixing cookies, or any other recipe in a large bowl […]

Living and giving with the gift of soup

If I haven’t said enough good things about our frequent guest, Jane Manaster, let me sing praises here. Thank you, Jane, for all the good you share with The Cookery. Here’s another guest post about living and giving from Jane that places the focus on others less fortunate. Soup Preparation At a Sukkah party at […]

Jane’s way: get busy with eggplant

The Cookery welcomes our trusted vegetarian guide Jane Manaster back with this guest post of fresh ideas on eggplant. Thanks, Jane, and help us get busy. Jane: How to cope with 50 pounds of eggplant? Although happily not my problem, the bounty was a goodly portion of our community gardens’ harvest and destined for the […]

Ridiculously rich recipe

Jane Manaster shares a little festive fudge with us at The Cookery. Here’s a word from Jane . . . In England ‘fudge’ doesn’t imply chocolate. Here’s a ridiculously rich recipe known variously as ‘Grandma’s Fudge’ and Auntie Lily’s Fudge – they were sisters! 1/2 lb. butter (not margarine) 2 lbs. (4 C) white sugar […]

Keepin’ Austin nutty one pecan at a time

Who’s really keeping Austin nutty? A team of pecan-loving seniors are doing the heavy lifting this season. You can drop off pecans for cracking or pick up ready-to-savor pecans and other nuts at Austin’s Senior Activity Center at 2874 Shoal Crest Avenue. If you’re adding pecans to the table, now’s the time to gather your […]

Bento Box filled with healthy fun for one

Yum-Yum Bento Box How long does it take to fix a school lunch? For the experienced parent, good at keeping chips or the equivalent, fruit and veggies, a sandwich and a treat, maybe two minutes. That’s unless the peanut butter has separated or the jelly cowers at the unreachable bottom of the jar. It’s a […]

I Hate to Cook . . . the book

The Cookery welcomes Jane Manaster who shares this guest post with all of us. Many thanks, Jane! The I Hate to Cook Book, New York, Grand Central, 2010. Fiftieth anniversary edition. Even those of us who enjoy cooking run out of ideas sometimes. When Peg Bracken published her I Hate to Cook Book, it wasn’t […]

Go small town and minimize shopping excess

When you move from the city to a small West Texas town, grocery shopping is disconcerting at first. Then you feel a surge of joy. You no longer have to buy bread at one store, meat at another, produce at the farmers’ market, cheese at the-best-place-in-Texas, non-perishables somewhere else.   You have the choice of Store […]