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Pumpkin-spittin’ image

It’s quick and easy to spit out those pumpkin seeds once you’ve carved up the pumpkins, but keep your pumpkin-spittin’ image in check. Roast on and repurpose those pumpkin seeds. Test The Cookery’s best pumpkin seed tip.

Back-to-school readiness begins with food allergy awareness

With or without kids, back-to-school time gives us a chance to look forward and improve readiness for new challenges. That could mean the challenge to pack healthier lunches for ourselves or to help others learn about food allergies. Give yourself and your family members a refresh on food allergy readiness. –Get to know your child’s school nurse. Healthcare professionals …

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Have yourself a little chocolate fudge

As hoped by more than one of us, the festive tins have arrived, and their contents produced a little joy and guilty pleasure.  Around The Cookery, these tins are filled with Pa’s Famous Fudge, and we love and appreciate receiving them every year. Want to share a merry little batch of joy? Mix up Pa’s Famous Fudge.

Pumpkin roll

I’m on the annual pumpkin roll, and to start things off with sugar pumpkins, The Cookery rolled out four festive pumpkin lovin’ loaves yesterday. Pick up a sugar pumpkin and try my candied pumpkin bread recipe. Up next . . . my family will be testing Metrocurean’s tempting take on pumpkin pancakes.