Kid lit inspires cooking

When kids ask if they can help make dinner, we can respond with appreciation. This may increase your prep time and double the mess, but the rewards are worth it. One of our kids checked out a cookbook from the school library last week and brought home extra enthusiasm. Studying The Boxcar Children Cookbook won’t […]

Holly Jolly Dirt Cake

Holly Jolly Dirt Cake Here’s another no-bake adventure for kids who enjoy cooking.  Little kids, if making this for an adult, like to pretend the cake really is dirt! I’ve modified it as the quantity of sugar would have the ‘cooks’ standing on the table throwing the mix at each other and the amount of […]

Craft these sweet treats

Family Fun featured this Treat of the Month in their August issue. Improvise with your pantry items, and kids can make their own fun decorating these under-the-sea treats. Go sweet . . . or savory – with crackers and cream cheese. The sugar splash in The Cookery turned out sweet Pearly Bites.

He knows if you’ve been bad or good

. . . with a few cookies here, some chocolates there. This kid friendly fruit salad (prepared by the kids in this kitchen) makes any holiday meal look good.  We’ll ration the figgy pudding and double up on fresh fruit the rest of this season.