kitchen gadgets

Grate stuff

Essential kitchen gadgets get the job done while others take up precious space. Graters come in all sizes, and some demand a good amount of storage, but anyone can make room for a miniature grater. I’ve used this three-inch grater for five or six years, and though it’s showing some age, it still handles the small grating …

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Kitchen kit – Jane’s top six kitchen essentials

If you were cast on a desert island, what six pieces of music would you choose, and which book, beside the Bible and Shakespeare? This question has been posed weekly on a BBC radio program since 1942.  Well-known personalities come up with assorted answers like Beethoven and the Beatles, George Strait and Georges Bizet, Louis …

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Whisk Time

Michael Graves whisk . . . meet Michael Graves timer. Though one was designed for Target and one for Alessi, there’s no denying a connection between these two cousins. New meets almost-vintage in these utility essentials.